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A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai)
1 min readJun 25, 2021


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Making money by following my passion for reading and writing.

Always curious to know more, learn and grow.

Never shying away from helping someone who asks for it.

An admirer of nature and all that it has to offer.

Language and literature lover.

In this world to try and make it better in my own way.

Doer later, planner first.

Energized by people, their stories, and achievements

Silent when in turmoil and even when relaxing.

An advocate of self-love

In a constant quest to explore people and places.

Thank you so much Bhavna Narula for tagging me in this wonderful challenge.

Kindly check out her poem below:

The challenge was originally started by Agnes Laurens. You can read her take on it below:

You may play along with me, especially:

Sahil Patel, Patrick M. Ohana, Melanie J., Tree Langdon, Trista Signe Ainsworth, and anyone else who’d like to try their creativity with this challenge.

Do tag me, Bhavna, and Agnes in your posts.

Thank you for reading.

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