A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai)

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  • GB Rogut

    GB Rogut

    Jack of all trades, mistress of poetry. Bi.♾️ 🇲🇽. Careful, things get kinky around here sometimes. Get access to all of me here https://linktr.ee/GbRogut

  • Liberty Forrest, Author

    Liberty Forrest, Author

    Award-Winning Author. Creator of “Witchy” cartoon. Spiritual Arts Mentor. Discover who you are, why you’re here, and how to follow that path. libertyforrest.com

  • Carolyn Hastings

    Carolyn Hastings

    Well-practiced speech pathologist now practicing to be a children’s book writer — emphasis on practicing.

  • sylvia wilde

    sylvia wilde

    author of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. lover of nuance, authenticity, all things green, and eggnog lattes. believer in creating a life richly textured.

  • Mehak Aga

    Mehak Aga

    A fledgling writer attempting to string together words that make sense. https://www.thenotsoprolificwriter.com For all the love💜 https://ko-fi.com/E1E67Y3K6

  • Neera Handa Dr

    Neera Handa Dr

    Top writer in poetry, compulsive writer, I enjoy reading writing just about anything. I write daily, I have published a PhD, a book, few academic articles.

  • Davey Cobb

    Davey Cobb

    I’m a writer and illustrator from Manchester, England. I love to write dark fantasy and horror fiction, as well as emotive poetry. Visit: www.daveycobb.com

  • M.D. Anderson

    M.D. Anderson

    Writing mostly on topics related to the growth and understanding of ourselves individually and collectively. Poetry, prose, essays, and reflections.

  • a curious firefly

    a curious firefly

    Aha moments are like seeing a firefly on a summer night, surprising us with a glimmer of illumination. Be curious when they show up. www.acuriousfirefly.com

  • Drashti Shroff

    Drashti Shroff

    Exploring a new Life in a Marriage in Ireland | Top Writer in Ideas | Authored 100+ stories | Open to freelancing | drashti.amol@gmail.com

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