#AuthorCollaborative ~ In Conversation With Urja Joshi

David Richo says,

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

It is not possible for anyone to go through life without getting hurt or scarred. It’s how we live through and heal from the pain that helps us grow and become better humans. I’m someone who relies on writing and reading as a source of healing. So, when I came across a book which focuses purely on the theme of hurting and healing, there was hardly any doubt that I would read it. The book in question is Yellow: The verses of hurting and healing by a young poet (or rather poetess), Urja Joshi.

Reading this book of charming poems, penned by this talented poetess, was a cathartic experience for me. Here’s my short review around it.

When I reached out to Urja after reading her book and asked her whether she would want to be a part of the Author Collaborative segment on my blog, she gracefully agreed. The next thing I know is we ended up chatting about our love for reading and writing for over an hour!

Before joining me on the segment, Urja too read my latest book The Art of Being Grateful & Other Stories. Here’s her short review on the book.

Want to know what we spoke about in our live session? Have a look at the questions we asked other.

The best part was the rapid fire questions and answers, which were spontenous and spunky!

You can listen to our discussion and the answers to the above questions in the video below:


Here’s where you can check out our books:

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