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Foodie, Moodie, Broodie.

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The statement, “Tell me something about yourself” always freezes me. Like how do I define myself in a few sentences strung together? It especially makes me nervous too, because it takes me back to my job hunting days and the countless interviews I gave.

After three decades of life experience…

All my online accounts having a conversation about yours truly

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Instagram: Manali loves me the most! Why are we even having this conversation? It’s a clear waste of time.

Facebook: *rolls eyes* oh, please! I came to her solace when she was mourning over her first love Orkut. She would never love anyone more than me.


Who are you?

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Making money by following my passion for reading and writing.

Always curious to know more, learn and grow.

Never shying away from helping someone who asks for it.

An admirer of nature and all that it has to offer.

Language and literature lover.

In this world to try and make…

I’m nothing without you all

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In a Creative Writing Symposium, where I was a speaker recently, one of the participant students asked me,

“How do I get over the hesitation of being judged for my writing?”

It’s an age-old question for any creative person and I answered them by saying,

“You never get over it…

Because feminism has become so synonymous with man-hating

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Dear men,

Yes, I’m a feminist. And the first thought that probably came to your mind was, “Oh! she must hate all men.”

So, let me begin by saying, no I don’t. And yes, I do. No, because I was raised by a man, grew up with another, and am…

Does it affect more than one?

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Good, evil, right, wrong
A matter of perceptions
Not always true though
Action, choice, consequences
Does it affect more than one?

Today is the Hindu festival of Dussehra. It marks the day when Lord Rama vanquished Ravana. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and sends out the moral…

A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai)

Poet, Author, Editor, Blogger, Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer @ arusticmind.com/

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